Bonaruba the 4th, Prince of Bobari system and boba extraordinaire, was accidentally struck by a comet storm as he traveled across the Solar System. Damaged and out of fuel, His Porciness and royal trusties landed on the island of Taiwan to recoup.

Bonaruba’s ship was powered by the Heartfelt Engine, a Bobar ingenuity powered entirely by “hygge”, the comforting sensation of ordinary people. To refuel their ship, the Bobar decided to open a Boba shop on Earth so they could evoke and collect people’s blissful feelings using the famous Bobari Tea.

Unfortunately, Terrans appear to have a VERY different taste bud, the Bobars couldn’t collect hygge as they had hoped. Worse, they’re losing customers! It wasn’t until the self-titled Boba Enthusiast, Tea, arrived at the shop for the first time, bringing changes to both their recipes and cultural sensitivity.

Tea was astonished by Bobars’ innovative tea-making technology. She decided to join the Bobars not only to help her new friends, but also to one day achieve her dream as inventor of never before seen boba recipes.

Thus, the adventure of a human and a horde of pigs began.

About Game

《Boba Bash》is a casual Boba-Tea-themed game, with charming characters, easy one-hand control,

and rich stage designs, teaching folk knowledge about culture and drinks as you immerse in the game.

This game takes you to a wholesome fantasy world! Let’s make some boba tea with the lovable Boba Pigs!

New Genre – Cooking X Bullet-Collection!

Innovative Stress-Relieving Gameplay!

.《Refreshing Gameplay》
– Gameplay revolves around both strategy and reaction speed.
– One-hand control and quick stages, perfect for passing time.

.《Marvelous Boba-verse》
– Adorable alien species.
– Comedy woven from threads of plot and character interactions.

.《Local Taiwanese Culture》
– Integrating beautiful Taiwanese sites with Boba culture.
– Culturally familiar stages and meme.

the game view