Remember the time you played “Tag” with your friends?

And its advanced version, the “Freeze Tag”?

Hunt-or-Haunt is an ABA (Asymmetric Battle Arena) game with an original mechanism inspired by “Freeze Tag”.

Players play as either Shaitans(Master Soulers) or Najimas(Soul Keepers).

Shaitans (“it”) are invisible to Najimas, their goal is to tag and transform Najimas into “Horruhs (Evil Souls)”, which would force the former Najima to join Shaitans’ side.

Najimas are those who dedicate themselves to hunt down Shaitans, with two spells in their arsenal.
The “Protect” spell protects the tagged caster from being transformed into an Horruh, instead they become invulnerable and frozen, remains stationary at the location. The Protect spell also gives Najimas a way to detect approaching Shaitans.

The “Reveal” spell allows a Najima to expose all Shaitans and Horruhs within range, renders them vulnerable. This is the only way for a Najima to hunt and defeat their enemy.

Shaitans win the game when all Najimas are either tagged or frozen. Likewise, when all Shaitans/Horruhs are defeated, the victory belongs to Najimas.

Fresh, exciting, and endlessly fun. Come to the world of Hunt-or-Haunt and choose your side now!


 DaOne, named after Taiwanese pronunciation of Taiwan, symbolizes our dedication to use the island as starting point, advocate individual creativity via professional brand management, recreating native gaming environment, and strive to popularize Taiwanese games to the rest of the world.


We are updating the videoso stay tuned!

Hunt-or-Haunt is our new project, an ABA game inspired by traditional Tag game.

It’s a player vs player gamer combining elements such as stealth, search, infect, as well as hunt and chase.

Those who play as IT, the ghosts, can turn invisible and attack the humans, transforming them into minions, strengthening their faction with each conversion.

Those who play as humans can use magic to detect and hunt the ghosts, and they could evoke protective spells to ward themselves, at the cost of personal freedom, until a teammate make contact to break the effect.

Much like the “FREEZE” mantra used in tag games in a new light!

Hunt-or-Haunt is still in development, and the Alpha version is now in App Store/Google Play, we invite you to download and playtest the game. Please join us on our Discord or follow our Twitter to provide us much needed advices, as well as following our progress!

the game view


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